About PrairieBaby

Hi, I am Lori (Swalwell) Marjerrison from Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada the owner of Prairiebaby Cattery and pleased to meet you! We purchased Prairiebaby Cattery from Judith Shultz, a few years ago now.

About Lori

I own and run the Pet Inn Spa & Wellness Centre – a luxury pet boarding facility, offering doggie daycare, short and long term stays, also offering our “pay it forward program” for any pets in need, (I do a “no borders” rescue for dogs/puppies in need),  we also offer grooming, spa, massage and aroma therapy treatments for pets. I have also opened another business called Inter City Pet, where we sell only Raw meat pet diets for your cats and dogs, as well as a complete line of organic treats, aromatherapy products as well as natural remedies for cats, dogs and horses!! such as CBD oils that are both safe and effective.

Besides Maine Coon cats, we also show/breed Havanese dogs, as well as Biewers.

I have always had a great love and an appreciation for animals, since I was a child. It drove both of my parents a bit crazy at times……

I started volunteering at a Veterinary Hospital when I was only 13 years old, later I ended up getting on full time and continued my career in the Veterinary field for over 20 years.

Later, I went into human health care, where I worked mostly with Palliative care patients and also with individuals with mild to severe brain injuries.

After along heart felt decision, it was obvious to us that having our son and working shift work was too much, so…..we built our “luxurious” boarding facility complete with cattery! now, I stay home with our son and am able to tend to all of our pets, and other peoples pets, ride my horses , work with rescue dogs, and tend to our gardens, its a great place to be and I love what I do. During the summer/fall we like to spend the majority of our time at our cottage on the lake where it is completely free of internet and cell phones! My husband is a Veterinarian and owns a very busy practice as well. Our lives are very busy, along with going to the rinks frequently during hockey season to watch our son play hockey.

Whenever possible, we travel as a family to cat shows. During the school year, I mostly travel on my own.This has introduced me to some of my mentors in the show world, that have all been so kind and helpful in helping me to learn more about showing and about breeding. As well as making some great friends that are now more like family.

My hobbies are being with animals of all kinds, from wildlife to domesticated animals, showing cats, riding now just for pleasure (I am retired from breeding Arabian horses, competitive dressage/english,jumping), I also enjoy walking/hiking, cross country skiing/snowshoeing, Ceasar Millan training, reading and yoga, to name a few.