Our Cats

Active Boys

Our breeding males reside in a happy and comfortable surrounding, without pens and cages. They live in perfect harmony and are separated from our girls at all times- except for breeding purposes. We are extremely particular about the selection of our boys – always putting quality before quantity.


Blue Moose

Blue Moose (Foundation bred) is an absolutely gorgeous male, he is our most senior male here at Prairiebaby. Blue Moose loves to chirp when you are around him, he is a gentle giant. He produces his temperment and size in all of his offspring.


Prairiebaby Harris, is our newest young poly toe brown tabby male that we have produced here at Prairiebaby. He has it all, from his amazing pattern to his strong chin and match box muzzle, and oh not too mention his poly toes!! This boy is now apart of our breeding program. If you get a chance to meet him in person, you will just love him. He is very dog like, he fetches toys, plays like a crazy fool and loves to be a lap cat!!


Sisco is our amazing boy, loves to chat, uses his big paws to touch your face and gives hugs. He is an ACFA two show grand and CFA champion. He was imported from Slovakia, he is PKD, SMA, HCM negative.



Prairiebaby Azzam is a stunning young male, he has the look of a wild cat but, from it in person. He is always up for a pat and head but to give you!


Active Girls










Casi Oro

Prairiebaby Casi Oro is a beautiful brown patched tabby. She was shown extensively as a kitten and won many best of breeds. She would have been shown as an adult but, of course COVID restrictions put an end to that. KC as we like to call her, has a true Maine Coon look, size and temperment!


Magdha is our Polish import silver female. She has very large ears, good boning and is a beautiful dark silver colour.