Cats We Are Showing


Sisco, is our imported male Red tabby and white boy. He is amazing in every way! He was a two show grand!! and is now also an ACFA QUAD Grand Champion. (Photo credit Helmi Flick) No words can describe how I feel about this boy and the kittens he produces!!

Rebel Paws

Rebel Paws Alissandro Of Prairiebaby pictured above is a brown tabby male, before he even turned a year he became an ACFA two show Grand, we love this boy and he loves the show ring. He is an awesome boy and his kittens have his size and personality. Photo credit Helmi Flick


Prairiebaby Begote (blue silver and white), pictured here at just over 4 months. We showed him and flew with him all over, he loved to show off and he became an ACFA grand. Begote is now neutered and in a wonderful pet home where he enjoys walking on a leash along the beach by the ocean!!


Prairiebaby Massarade this super handsome young boy is a white odd eye Maine Coon. We showed him extensively as a kitten, where he achieved many best of breed kitten awards. He is now living in a pet home where he is well loved and enjoying life to the fullest!! photo credit Helmi Flick

We breed first and foremost for show, we do sell to pet people and most of the kittens or young adults are show quaility. We breed for breed standard of the Maine Coon, including the look, type and temperment true to the Maine Coon. We encourage even pet buyers to consider trying out showing in the kitten classes and then onto the alter classes, it can be a lot of fun.

There is a lot of breeders out there, that YOU WILL NEVER see at a show and they will tell you they don’t have cats/kittens that like to show, or they don’t have time. I would like to say that as a responsible and ethical breeder I do show, so that I can see how the breed is progressing, and how mine are adequately meeting the breed standard, talk amongst other breeders, meet new people that are interested in the Maine Coon breed and educate them on this magnificent breed. Every breeder needs to show at least a couple times a year, in my opinion. Shows are really a great way to see not only Maine Coons but, other cat breeds as well, its a perfect opportunity to come out and see and meet the breeders behind the kittens/cats, you can also then see what breed might suit you the best.

For a list of cat shows that maybe in your area check out ACFA, CFA and the TICA websites for a show near you! unfortunately, COVID has put a restriction on us showing! hoping that 2022 will be better!!